Chevy and Cadillac Pre-Paid Maintenance Program in St. George, UT

Confidence on the road means keeping your vehicle running at its best. With the Pre-Paid Maintenance plan offered at Stephen Wade Chevrolet Cadillac, there’s less guesswork with recommended service schedules. You will even save money by purchasing your services in advance by getting three visits for the price of two.

Pre-Paid Maintenance Program

Your vehicle will get the most out of every mile by keeping it at optimal performance, and a Pre-Paid Maintenance plan is key to maintaining it without any stress. Get the best service from the certified technicians at Stephen Wade Chevrolet Cadillac; our technicians know how to maintain your vehicle and provide quality work. Another benefit? Since the work is already paid for in advance, your service visits with the plan are quick and convenient with no waiting in line to pay. In addition, Pre-Paid Maintenance never expires, so it's fully flexible with time and no constraints.

Pre-Paid Maintenance Package

The Stephen Wade Chevrolet Cadillac Pre-Paid Maintenance program offers all four of the following essential services in your next three service visits:

Oil & Filter Changes

Getting regular oil changes is crucial to maintain your vehicle. With fresh oil, engines run smoother, allowing them to use fuel more efficiently. This introduces better gas mileage and saves you money. In order to extend an engine's life, regular oil changes are great. Routinely providing fresh oil will prevent dirty oil, dirt, and grime from making its way between the engine's parts. Engine parts are precision-engineered and must fit perfectly; over time, leaks will begin to show if no oil/filter changes are done, and this usually leads to a much more expensive service.

Tire Rotations

Tire rotations are a great way you can avoid accidents. Tires in the rear axle consume tread differently than the ones in the front axle. Rotating is the solution to making your tires last their whole lifetime. A long-lasting tire saves you more money; by rotating your tires, you are saving yourself the inconvenience of having to replace tires sooner than needed. Rotating tires avoids the possiblity of tires not gripping to the road, inefficient braking, and skidding. It's always best to have even tires. An even tire provides a balanced vehicle which leads to no bumpy rides and better vehicle handling. This will keep you and your passengers safe.

Fluid Checks

Fluid checks are essential; you don't want your vehicle breaking down. We check the levels of your engine oil and ensure your engine is lubricated with clean oil which can help provide optimal engine performance. We check the levels of your brake fluid and ensure your brakes won't fail due to low brake fluid. Have peace of mind knowing your brakes work. We make sure enough power steering fluids are at good levels to ensure enough power is transferred from the steering wheel to the steering mechanism. We make sure you have good coolant levels. This allows the transfer of heat and prevents engine damage due to it freezing or heating up too much.

Multi-Point Inspections

A multi-point inspection can identify a various amount of issues with a vehicle. Our master technicians have the knowledge and experience to do so. Knowledge is power, and our technicians will be able to identify what the status of your vehicle is so you feel empowered. Once a technician notifies you of potential or upcoming maintenance's for your vehicle, an inspection will allow you to prepare for it, allowing you to stay in control. When traveling, you don't want to be stressing about the condition your vehicle is in. Get a multi-point inspection, and we will help you have safe travels.

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Choosing a Service Department in St. George

Whenever your vehicle needs service or maintenance, you can trust Stephen Wade Chevrolet Cadillac’s dealership and service center. We are an excellent option for every automotive service need with a comprehensive list of essential repairs and maintenance. Our team of certified technicians performs thorough inspections and efficient service using genuine OEM parts to ensure the best, longest-lasting performance as we restore your vehicle’s condition. We continue to be a top option for drivers in St. George, Santa Clara, Ivins, and Washington, UT because of our outstanding vehicle service and care.

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